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    Native Plants

Ash, Green Birch, River
Buckeye, Red Buckeye, Yellow
Butternut Buttonbush
Catalpa Chokeberry, Black
Chokecherry Coneflower, Purple
Dogwood, Gray Dogwood, Silky
Dogwood, White Flowering Gum, Black
Hawthorn, Washington Hemlock, Canadian
Hickory, Pignut Hickory, Shagbark
Holly, Winterberry Honeylocust, Thornless
Hornbeam, American Juniper, Moonglow
Locust, Black Maple, Red
Maple, Silver Maple, Sugar
Mulberry, Red Oak, Black
Oak, Bur Oak, Chestnut
Oak, Pin Oak, Red
Oak, Scarlet Oak, Swamp White
Oak, White Osage Orange
Paw Paw Persimmon, American Common
Pine, Eastern White Plum, American
Redbud, Eastern Redcedar, Eastern
Serviceberry, Shadblow Spruce, Red
Sycamore, American Viburnum, American Cranberrybush
Viburnum, Arrowwood Viburnum, Nannyberry
Walnut, Black Willow, Black

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All nursery stock listed is bare-root stock unless otherwise noted. Bare-root is shipped March 1 - May 15 
and September 15 - November 30. Potted and container grown stock shipped year round.

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